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New single from Julie Fajhtinger

is out now! 

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At Homeland Production we offer songwriting and full production, whether you need background music for your project, an original song or an entire album for your next release. 


Every song should stand out with uniqueness and professional sound. We will make sure that your song will meet its highest potential, regardless of genre. 


Do you have tracks that you like but something went wrong while recording? We provide all the tools for restoration of poorly recorded material.


Every step of music production is uniquely important. One of such steps is the recording process. Choosing the right mic for instruments and vocals, finding just the right sound for inspiration and having an option to work with professional musicians on recordings is our standard.


In the mastering stage we will ensure  that your mix will sound professional on every media format. We offer stereo and stem mastering for digital releases like Spotify, iTunes, Youtube, Deezer or CD and Vinyl. All masters include (cd-text, metadata, red book, isrc, upc, DDP files and more).


Podcasts and interviews often suffer from poor audio. We offer best solutions for professional sounding podcasts and interviews.



At Homeland production we are very passionate about our work and we do our best to meet expectations of every artist and band. Our goal is to deliver a production that is original, fresh, competitive and professional-sounding. We are specialized for many different genres like pop, rock, metal, synthwave, country, instrumental music and many more. Homeland Production is run by musician, songwriter and producer Tilen Sapač. "When we write and play music, we try to find that special 'something', the magical thing that can not be described but you know the feeling when its there. I always try my best to inspire musicians that i work with, so they can find that hidden special energy and  become even greater musicians that they were before".

Tilen Sapač